Kati McCarthy, Senior Vice President of Lillibridge Healthcare Services, Inc.
Kati McCarthy

Our latest customer spotlight shines on Kati McCarthy, Senior Vice President of Lillibridge Healthcare Services, Inc. As one of the nation’s leading owners and managers of healthcare real estate, Lillibridge is passionately committed to customer service as exemplified by their “Lillibridge Standard” of delivering value to tenants and investors. To aid in its mission, Lillibridge actively uses Building Engines to manage 241 medical office buildings, totaling nearly 12 million square feet.

Kati, a 35-year veteran of the real estate industry, oversees all operational aspects of the property management and leasing group for Lillibridge. I recently had the chance to catch up with her and ask a few questions:

What has been your biggest success in your current role? 

I have been developing more standardized and consistent processes and procedures throughout our organization. Two of the most significant items completed in this regard are a formalized Property Management Manual and the research/initiation of an automated work order software system.

You seem to have really embraced technology. What motivated you to do so?

Our company is striving to be as efficient and effective as possible, so obviously technology is a major component of those efforts.

How important is it for senior real estate professionals to stay current with CRE technology and advances?

I believe it’s crucial to leverage technology in order to remain competitive.

What kind of impact has technology made for your clients and customers? 

The use of Building Engines’ automated work order software allows tenants to hold us more accountable as they can see the status of a work order in real time. In addition, without increasing staffing levels, we were able to achieve and demonstrate a 73% improvement in documented service delivery during our initial test pilot in 2010. Our staff now has “in the moment” visibility into service targets and the required actions. There is a clear understanding of what to prioritize in order to uphold standards and service delivery commitments.

What are three words that describe your experience working with Building Engines and why would you recommend our software to your peers? 

Customer-focused, Innovative and Reasonable.  Building Engines seeks out ideas and feedback from its customers and actually uses the input to enhance and/or develop additional components to their platform.