Rosa Smith, Property Services Manager at Colliers International - Atlanta
Rosa Smith

This month’s customer spotlight shines on Rosa Smith, Property Services Manager at Colliers International – Atlanta. Rosa has been with the CRE company for nearly 10 years and has seamlessly led the Atlanta division through a software switch to Building Engines.

Colliers – Atlanta is consistently ranked as Atlanta’s top real estate firm by production per professional. During the past five years, the Atlanta office has an average of 510 transactions valued at more than $709 Million per year.

Rosa was kind enough to take a few minutes out of her busy schedule to speak with us…

What has been your biggest success in your current role?

I have been given the responsibility to convert from a previous work order software system to Building Engines.  In addition to the conversion I have been responsible for building our system and training our staff on how to use the platform.

You seem to have really embraced technology.  What motivated you to do so?

Working in a society where technology moves ahead in quantum leaps, it remains a challenge to stay abreast of the current technological trends. I have always found it exciting to think outside the box and of course working with engineers everyday definitely helped to inspire me.

How important is it for senior real estate professionals to stay current with CRE technology and advances?

If you want to compete in today’s business world it is very important to keep up with current technology.  Technology allows businesses to be productive, organized and efficient, and helps businesses maintain a competitive edge and build a strong presence in the market. These days we have a mobile app for everything – and with Building Engines, “We have an App for that” too!  With the use of BE-Mobile, our managers can access the Mobile Tenant Center, which provides our managers and other staff members with access to key tenant information from their mobile device at a moment’s notice or before walking into meetings with tenants. For our engineers, it allows them to work on all aspects of the building just by the App on their handheld device.

What kind of impact has technology made for your clients and customers?

Thanks to the growth of technology, computers and the Internet, new methods have been developed for processing everyday business activities easily. Tenants can communicate more easily and track all work orders, which is way less time consuming than multiple phone calls.  Our clients benefit by detailed reports on repairs and maintenance for their valuable assets.  In the effort to go green, Building Engines allows our company to do more with less, as all files are saved on a web-based system making our management company sustainable as we head into the future.

What are three words that describe your experience working with Building Engines and why would you recommend our software to your peers?

Capacity, Efficiency & Ease-of-Use. The building engines system holds an endless amount of information allowing our business to be efficient and at the same time tenant-friendly.