How well do commercial real estate (CRE) professionals understand their tenants, and how do they manage their relationships?


Building Engines surveyed over 300 CRE professionals within a wide range of industry segments; including commercial office, medical office, industrial, retail, and others; to find out.

We broke down and analyzed the data, and compiled our findings in the Tenant Relationship Management Survey Benchmark Report.


This comprehensive report covers a variety of tenant service related topics, providing you with comparative analytics to help you understand:

  • How your tenant relationship tactics and strategies compare to your peers
  • Which tenant changes are having the biggest impact on commercial property management
  • What types of tenant feedback and communication tools are available


What kinds of peer insights can you expect?

Only 27% of your peers are confident in their understanding of tenant sentiment right now.

49% of those surveyed don’t provide formal customer service training for their team, but has written standards for tenant interactions.

52% of your peers indicated they are only “somewhat” or “not at all” effective at capturing tenant employee sentiment beyond their primary point of contact.

Read the full benchmark report and discover more valuable insights into how your peers understand and interact with their tenants, as well as key best practices for improving tenant sentiment.