Property managers and operators operate live in a demanding world. Striving for operational and financial success means balancing the complex needs of building ownership, vendors, and most importantly – tenants. Strong tenant relationships and efficiently managed tenant demands are an anchor for long-term property operations success.

Service obligations to tenants in medical, retail, and commercial office spaces are frequent and dynamic. Tenants and their customers expect modern amenities, fast acknowledgment of issues, and rapid resolutions. Building operators must balance tenant expectations for modernized service delivery with building ownership’s imperative to maximize property value and ensure tenant retention.

Equipping your property management team with the proper online and mobile tools is the key to managing demanding tenants. Property managers are embracing SaaS (Software as a Service) Property Management platforms as an ideal solution – these platforms often provided integrated capabilities that span an organization’s needs.

A properly implemented SaaS platform provides several recognizable benefits and ROI for a building operations team struggling to balance tenant demands. (We’re that platform.)

These benefits include:

Tenant Satisfaction rating tool, in TenHub tenant mobile app
Tenant Satisfaction rating tool, in TenHub tenant mobile app

Streamlining Tenant Service Requests

When urgent demands arise, building operators need the ability to quickly respond and react. A software platform that provides tenants with visibility into the entire life cycle of an issue ensures transparency. Tenant satisfaction tools like this also provides managers and tenants with an active feedback loop to promote productive and sustainable relationships.

For property managers, providing tenants with easy access to an online tool could positively influence tenant satisfaction. Streamlined tenant service request capabilities are no longer an optional convenience, but an absolute standard for modern property management teams.

Optimizing Demand Response

Many buildings still utilize outdated phone, email, or paper based service request systems to capture tenant service requests. With no technology solution to help alleviate task burden on existing property team members, property managers must rely on increased staff and higher cost alternatives to manage demand responsiveness.

When tenants are able to review a centralized (web) tenant portal, they can avoid duplicate requests, review key messaging issue types, and confirm their expectations for property management response are accurate. This is especially the case when this portal is also accessible on a device tenants carry around with them at all times – mobile tenant app, anyone?

Identifying Continuous Improvement Opportunities


It is critically important for property management teams to measure their existing workflow’s efficiency and effectiveness when addressing tenant demands. A property management SaaS solution provides easy measurement of demand volume, response time, resolution rate, and tenant satisfaction in real-time. Managers can analyze these metrics to identify key pinch points in a process (for example, third-party vendor-assigned service requests).

Continually measuring and refining all elements of tenant demand supports both operating cost reduction (for ownership) and increased satisfaction/retention (for tenants).

The implementation and adoption of an integrated technology solution provides operators with the tools to manage tenant demands. With a single unified platform for web and mobile, property managers can optimize workflows across an entire commercial real estate portfolio while helping to secure ongoing financial success for ownership and consistent tenant retention.

Sound too good to be true?

It’s not – really! I welcome you to take a look at what a SaaS-based property management platform like ours has to offer your organization. We’re here to answer your questions!