Just a few short weeks ago we shared a little Buzzfeed style quiz designed to help property managers determine which 80’s movie character they resemble in the workplace. (And to have a little bit of fun, of course!)

While we expected the quiz to be a fun short diversion from your workday, we are astonished to see how popular it has been. So far, over 380 property managers have taken the quiz to discover who their 80’s movie likenesses are, and that number continues to grow.

Which leads us to the obvious question…


Which character result was the most popular?

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We’re glad you asked! With so many property managers participating, we were surprised to see a pretty clear leader in the results. But before we give away that lead character, let’s dive into the results of a few of our favorite quiz questions:

The breakfast club

We asked: “what is the first thing you do when you get into work in the morning?”

50% of you shared that you typically like to: “Say a friendly good morning to the security guards, janitorial staff, coworkers, and anyone else that you pass on your way to your office.”

We likened this answer to Westley of ‘The Princess Bride.’

Despite being known as the “Dread Pirate Roberts” to those around him, Westley was a kind, witty man, with a calm demeanor – always one step ahead. His oft quoted line of “as you wish” could easily be seen as a signal of excellent customer service in the world of property management.

Like Westley, property managers like to get things done and deliver amazing customer service, consistently.

Not convinced? This is how Westley would handle a workday challenge:

Building Engines CRE Property Management Platform

In contrast, a total of 12% of your peers would much rather enjoy a cup of joe before diving into their daily tasks, with 6% preferring to avoid socialization until the caffeine kicks in.


Finding balance

We asked: “What do you use technology the most for at work?”

57% of you responded with the tried and true method of using “emails and spreadsheets.

We think that this sounds the most like Mr. Miyagi of ‘The Karate Kid,’ as his character in the cult-classic movie franchise focuses on solving problems using time-proven methods. (In Miyagi’s case the methods were patience and discipline through the form of karate.)

Finding balance is also key for property managers who must readily face challenges using their own proven methods, but also be willing to adapt to newer ways of doing things to get things done efficiently.

Fun fact: A total 9% of responders would use technology for recreational purposes while at work, including “researching their next vacation,” “checking their Facebook news feed,” and – no joke – “adjusting their fantasy football lineup.” (There is a flag on that play for sure!)


Avoiding booby traps

We asked: “Someone slips and falls in your lobby, you…”

A whopping 63% of you answered that you would be: “Attentive and helpful, but also snap pics, attach the appropriate documents to the record, and save it all digitally in case you “catch a case.”

To us, this sounded a lot like the character Data of ‘The Goonies.’

Data is known for his foresight and ingenuity for solving problems that likely haven’t even occurred yet. He welcomes new technology, and works to integrate it into his life and the lives of his friends to make things better.

Sound familiar? Being proactive, and creative when problem solving is the sign of any great property manager. While property managers may not invent contraptions to escape pits, they do fabricate unique solutions to push through more troublesome situations.


..And the most popular character result is…

Richard “Data” Wang, of ‘The Goonies!’

Building Engines CRE Property Management Platform

52% of the property managers who participated in our 80’s movie character quiz ended up with Data, followed by Westley in second at 25%, and Mr. Miyagi in third with 17%. Indiana Jones was chosen 4% of the time, and Maverick of ‘Top Gun’ fame landed 3% overall.


Can’t get enough of this quiz?

If you’re a big fan of this quiz and are wondering when we’ll do a follow-up for Engineers, Tenant Coordinators, and Execs – stay tuned! We’re looking to release more quizzes real soon.

In the meantime, feel free to tweet your quiz ideas to us @BuildingEngines on Twitter!