Building Engines is a Commercial Real Estate (CRE) Web and Mobile Property Managaement SoftwareThink you’ve gotten all you can out of 2013? Think again. We just released our annual “Best Property Management Content” list from the past year. From how-to guides to revenue-boosting tools, the most popular topics included mobility, technology adoption, tenant service and inspections best practices.

Building Engines’ best practice knowledge comes from more than 12 years of compiling research gleaned from customer feedback, industry thought leaders and our own experience.

The top content pieces that made the list based on highest number of downloads, include:

  • Benchmark Survey Report: The Definitive Guide to Mobile Property & Tenant Management
  • Webinar: Best of “Tenant Service Strategies”
  • Quick Take Guide: The Lunch Break Guide to Service Bill-Backs
  • Product Feature: Inspections have gone paperless. Have you?
  • White Paper: Technology Adoption…. The High Cost of Maintaining the Status Quo
  • Blog Post: Eenie Meenie Miney Moe: Which System Is Right For You?

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