Building Engines is a Commercial Real Estate (CRE) Web and Mobile Property Managaement SoftwareHear 12 unique ways that real building owners and managers are using building operations software to improve service responsiveness, better maintain their buildings, and create a brand that tenants love – as told by current Building Engines users.

  1. “You can create work orders on the spot with the mobile app – even while with a tenant in their space. It’s added customer service to be able to show them we are taking immediate action on their concern(s).”
  2. “The incident reporting feature is invaluable for staying up to date on all events within the portfolio and promptly alerting the various important parties.”
  3. “We finally have a method for tracking the time it takes to close work orders! This has led to turnaround time on work orders going down, and our tenant relationships going up.”
  4. “The PM Module allows me to see where the facility is in respect to keeping equipment maintained and scheduling work. It allows us to give our clients a level of assurance that we are ready to operate efficiently as possible.”
  5. “The notifications, alerts and escalation of tickets has allowed us to increase our customer satisfaction and overall accountability.”
  6. “Resource scheduling is wonderful! I can’t tell you how painful managing shared resources across multiple buildings with three different point people was before using property management software.”
  7. “I love having a simple, visual dashboard for COIs to keep things in check.”
  8. “We are now able to update inspections on a building level, which we were never able to do before, and find it very easy to input daily property inspection reports”
  9. “The process of billing the tenants back is a lot easier when printing the invoices directly from the work order software. It saves a lot of time and has been instrumental in processing and tracking all extra work and HVAC/Lighting requests.”
  10. “I like that the reports allow me to keep detailed data on percentage of work order and PM completions, allowing for an effective use of my team’s time.”
  11. “Great tool for creating and tracking tenant surveys.”
  12. “Tenants appreciate the visibility into the work order process and love that they can give instant feedback at any point.”

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