You know the problem with traditional, periodic reporting in CRE? (We’re talking to you, Kingsley report subscribers.) It’s not specific, not actionable, and not measuring what’s happening now.
In other industries, we’re seeing a gradually adoption model of real-time reporting, but as our recent webinar panelist Aurel Brudan describes, “it’s pretty much a tidal wave that will catch up with everyone.” If real-time performance measurement is a tidal wave, then call Operations Performance Management your surf board. Hang 10 (OK just 5…) with our top resources for linking measurement to insight, accountability and operational improvement.

The Top 5 Resources to Improve Operations Performance


1. VIDEO (1:43)

CRE Benchmarking

Approaching Benchmarking

Aurel Brudan, CEO of, discusses how to bridge the gap to improve operations by setting process standards and performance metrics.


Individual Property Websites

Operational Insight to Outperform the Competition

View the complete Managing Property Performance webinar presentation, bonus videos, a case study “Monitoring Tenant Service with Data,” resource links, and more on performance management for CRE!

3. VIDEO (2:01)

Commercial Real Estate KPI's

Root Cause Analysis: The Five Why

You’ve collected some data and you’re asking (or should be), “What does this information tell me and how do we draw initiatives from it?” Watch’s Aurel Brudan show you how to gain insight into your operations and business processes from the numbers.


A Property Managers Guide to Setting the Right KPIs

A Property Managers Guide to Setting the Right KPIs

So, you’re dedicated to tracking and quantifying your team’s performance. Congrats! You’ve made it to level 2! Next challenge: deciding what that means, aka what you need to measure. Here are the four places you need to look (and the people you need to involve) for data before setting your KPIs.


Managing Property Performance

Managing Property Performance

In this complimentary webinar, Aurel Brudan, CEO of, shares how Operations Performance Management will clarify your business objectives, focus your employees on the activities that matter, and have tenants singing your praises!

What’s the next frontier for innovations in property management visibility and service delivery? Take a look at Building Engines Operations Performance Management.