I’m pleased to announce that registration is now open for Building Engines’ TRANSFORM 2020 – our annual conference featuring the latest thinking, advice, and trends for Commercial Real Estate property professionals. You’ll find inspiring speakers, hands-on training sessions for our new building operations software, and innovative best practices, all while networking with your peers.

Even more exciting, this years’ event will be held at Fenway Park, home of the Boston Red Sox, and once home to one of our favorite Red Sox legends, Pedro Martinez – who will be our guest speaker at the event!

Our 2020 event will be more important than ever. Here’s why:

As we head into 2020, there’s no doubt the Commercial Real Estate industry has undergone massive changes. The next decade will be a fascinating combination of data, technology, and the shifting dynamics between tenant, owner, and property teams.

For all CRE teams, change is the new normal.

At Building Engines, we’re hyper aware of the opportunity brought about by these changes. Embracing change is how we expect to continue helping the largest CRE organizations drive better efficacy and operational performance, and deliver more value for owners and tenants alike. But, embracing change requires looking around the corner to what’s next.

At TRANSFORM 2020, we’ll unveil exactly what’s next in CRE technology.

Despite the fact that there are now hundreds of tools available to CRE professionals, I believe there are really just three main categories at our industry’s core:

  1. Accounting
  2. Leasing
  3. Building Operations

In other words, how you manage your organization’s finances, how you drive growth and new business, and how you manage the physical building experience itself. Everything else is ancillary to, and supportive of, these three core functions.

Building Engines will lead the next decade of building operations.

Our recent moves have been of this mission:

  • We’ve been hard at work transforming the user experience of our new CRE platform known as Prism to create a fresh, remarkably simple way for all property management modules to work together.
  • We have acquired transformational technologies including Real Data Management’s building measurement and space visualization and Synlio’s automated contractor bidding solution
  • We’ll transform the way other technologies connect to our central operations platform, enabling open, real-time, and seamless interoperability through APIs.
  • We’ll welcome partners’ best-in-class point solutions into our building operations ecosystem and partner program for a new way for CRE teams to transform their technology stacks. 

Notice a theme? Transformation is at the heart of our mission to become the platform for modern CRE. TRANSFORM 2020 will feature detailed insight into each of these updates, and reveal even more about the future.  

That’s a lot about us. What does it mean for you?  

For asset owners, 2020 promises to be a year where your visibility into, and control over, building operations will determine how well you drive returns for your portfolio.  

For property management, tenant service delivery, and engineering professionals, your building operations will continue to directly improve asset value – if you can maintain great tenant satisfaction and team efficiency.  

Join us at TRANSFORM 2020 to find out how Building Engines will deliver on this promise to help you embrace change and create a winning building experience in this new decade.  

I look forward to seeing you there.