Building Engines is a Commercial Real Estate (CRE) Web and Mobile Property Management and Operations Software

Date: Wednesday, February 29 at 12:00pm EST

Presenters: Matt Brogie, Owner of Mobility CIO  •  Tim Curran, CEO of Vela Systems  •  Lisa Panzenhazen, Medical Leasing & Property Manager of Kirco

Building Operations in Your Pocket

Must-have mobile strategies for modern real estate organizations

Mobility has become an essential component of efficient building operations. Real estate organizations that provide property managers and field personnel with mobile access to applications and wireless data are more productive, deliver better customer service, schedule more timely maintenance, and respond more nimbly to changes in their operating environment. Learn more.

In this free webinar for senior management and operations executives, our panelists will share how to utilize mobile technologies to:

  • Alleviate key business pressures: reduce costs, maximize worker efficiency, and increase the longevity of capital assets
  • Improve tenant service by proactively monitoring tenant needs and addressing them quickly through mobile technology
  • Maximize Productivity

In the property management and building operations space, management is expected to be out there with tenants- not tied to their desk- answering questions and solving problems in real time.

-Matt Brogie, Owner of Mobility CIO