LEED existing building certification is a helpful measure to take for many reasons.  It makes you look favorable compared to other buildings lacking certification, it can lower operating costs and increase the value of your building, and more.  Join us as David Pratt, CEO of LoraxPro, shares how to effectively implement LEED into your building and nurture it to reap extensive benefits!

Going Green with LEED EBOM: 101 by Building Engines

David Pratt is an industry leader in the automation, simplification and project management of LEED certification projects.  He co-founded LoraxPro in 2008 and has developed product supporting the majority of LEED rating systems.  His company was the catalyst in initiating LEED automation with the USGBC’s technology team; they co-developed the XML data protocol that facilitates data exchange between LEED online and 3rd party software tools.  Mr. Pratt’s knowledge of LEED certification is extensive, and his ideas for utilizing LEED are not to be missed.

Mr. Pratt will be delivering essential tips for getting started toward LEED EB certification, getting buy-in from your team, and how to ultimately lower operating costs and increase the value of your building.  Learn about:

These and other topics will be discussed extensively during the webinar.  Register today and tune in on Wednesday, November 16th at 12:00pm EST to learn all about LEED EBOM and how it can work for you!

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