Using Video Effectively in Commercial Real Estate Management and MarketingTechnology has helped companies in a number of ways. It has allowed them to boost productivity, manage costs more effectively and altered the way businesses reach their target audience.

The abundance of mobile devices and computers has increased consumers’ access to information, and organizations are exploring new ways for capture their attention. For a growing number of companies, video represents a golden opportunity to engage their target audience.

Business video expert Invodo states that 67 percent of consumers engaged with videos regularly in 2012.  This has increased by 34 percent on a year-over-year basis, indicating the expanding opportunity for companies in every industry. Within the commercial real estate market, video represents an effective way to promote building amenities. Rather than relying on photos and descriptions, building managers can put together video tours of units and common areas that boost the appeal of properties.

Make your video stand out
As companies place their videos online, managers will need to ensure that their videos stand out. Among the things that businesses should consider is the integration of multichannel strategies. Videos are rarely stand alone pieces, but are part of a bigger marketing plan. Websites need to be optimized to deliver video through multiple methods. Some viewers will be using mobile devices, while others will rely on their PCs. Failing to create a multichannel video limits its reach and effectiveness. In addition to ensuring that  videos are viewable on several channels, they should also be supported with alternative sources of information. This will help site visitors quickly get the information they need, improving their overall experience.

Capturing video and photos is becoming easier with mobile devices and cloud computing. While a digital camera will produce the best quality material, smartphones or tablets can also generate usable video. Many video sharing programs work with mobile devices, allowing multiple parties to offer insight and suggestions during the production process. This technology could even help building managers catalog their projects. Video or photos can provide visual proof of the condition of facilities, which could resolve potential conflict with tenants.

Regardless of how property managers choose to use their videos, they need to have the proper software to view and share the files. Cloud-based platforms provide a secure and reliable storage space that lets all authorized parties view videos. Using building management software helps operators capture, store and share important files like photos, spreadsheets, contracts and more. By using all of the tools available to them, property managers can greatly improve their efficiency.