Building Engines Loves Our Clients!

A little humor for your Valentine’s Friday…

We present The Top Property Management Love Songs. (We dare you to try not to sing along as you read!)

1. At Last
… You Answered My Service Request.

2. I Just Called to Say I Love You
… just kidding – our door is broken. Please fix it.

3. I’ll Stand by You
… to hold the ladder while you inspect that piece of equipment.

4. Have I Told You Lately
… that your COIs are out of date?

5. I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing
… when putting together my emergency preparedness plan.

6. There is a Light That Never Goes Out
… which can’t be good for the electric bill.

7. I’ll be There
… when you submit a work order.

8. More Than Words
… would be helpful in this incident report. Can you upload a picture?