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This week’s most important property management news covers: spotting property risk to tenants, opportunities for vertical farming in CRE, the ‘Starbucks Principle,’ and ideas for throwing the best property events.

Let’s do it to it!

  1. QUIZ: Can You Spot the Risk to Tenants? (Building Beat)

    As a kid you might have loved “finding Waldo,” or searching issues of ‘Highlights Magazine’ to find the missing objects, but can you spot the risk to tenants in this short (and fun!) Building Beat quiz? Let’s see if you can identify new ways of thinking about and identifying property risk!

  2. As Vertical Farming Grows, a New Real Estate Opportunity Takes Root (Curbed)

    As commercial real estate continues to shift, we’ll start seeing more and more innovative ways of using spaces in new ways. In this post from Curbed, the head of AeroFarms discusses how they are using technology and traditional industrial warehouses to grow green crops like kale and lettuce, in more urban areas.

    We wonder: how will this new use of space impact industrial property management?

  3. The ‘Starbucks Principle’ for Real Estate and Why You Should Use It (RISMedia)

    Executives and teams in commercial property management are always trying to get into their tenants heads to find out what they want, need, and how they are feeling about the spaces in which they work.

    In this fascinating article, Matt Metcalf – a real estate agent – investigates how the proximity of successful retail businesses like Starbucks indicate how well an area is doing, and influence tenant leasing. And while this post is predominantly about residential real estate, consider how this could also impact commercial tenant attraction and retention!

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