Making decisions can be a nerve-wracking experience for any property manager. The constant pressure to meet (and exceed) tenant expectations, while also addressing the requirements of property executives can be a lot to handle.

So why do some property managers almost always ‘wing it’ when it comes to making critical decisions?

Some might answer that “it isn’t ‘winging it’, it is the way I’ve always done things,” or that “it works just fine” but the real answer is that making educated decisions requires a lot of data and research, and – wouldn’t you just know it – there is no time to get to it.

But why would any self-respecting manager want to continue to put their neck on the line, when there is invaluable, defensible data just waiting to be captured?


Actionable data is all around us

Much like “the force,” actionable data exists all around us – even in our everyday work actions.

Think about it! If someone were to regularly capture select pieces of information regarding a work activity, such as the creation and fulfillment of a work order, the performance of that activity could be measured over time.


Let’s break down a typical, straightforward service delivery timeline:

  • Tenant requests a work order
  • A team member is assigned the work order
  • Work order is accepted and the team member travels to work order site
  • Task is worked on
  • Team member completes the task
  • Task completion is reported
  • Tenant is updated


By noting basics like the timestamp, name of worker, and type of work order during each step of this process, a property manager could answer questions like:

  • How long does it take to respond to a work order on average?
  • Is there a major delay between the work order request, and the task being completed?
  • Which work order types take the longest to close?
  • Are team members travelling to far to complete tasks?

A lot can be gathered out of what’s already there. But the problem still stands – who has the time to go through all those paper documents to calculate the answers to these questions?



Make better, defensible decisions, faster

Property managers don’t have to do everything by hand anymore – Property Management Work Order Software makes it possible to collect actionable data from everyday operational activities, automatically.


Capture every step in the work order process

Platforms like Building Engines help property managers improve their entire service delivery process, from the initial tenant service request through the completion of the work order, as well as the collection of tenant feedback.

Property management work order tracking software & tenant satisfactionA technology-driven Service Delivery Program helps teams:

  • Know exactly when a service request arrives
  • Quickly prioritize and assign work to the right team member
  • Configure service level priorities
  • Automate service escalations
  • Easily generate work order, vendor, and tenant satisfaction trend reports

It takes the “guess” out of “guesswork,” so teams can get stuff done, confidently.


Manage projects and team members, from anywhere

With the BE-Mobile app, property managers can stay connected with their teams throughout the day, managing incoming tasks, and executing day-to-day activities from their Android, Blackberry, or iOS (iPad, iPhone) device!apps for property managers

Give tenants an outlet for communication

Traditional methods like phone calls and in-person meetings will always be necessary. But it truly limits tenants’ interactions with management. Offering an Online Tenant Portal extends your service reach to any time of day, while meeting the expectations of the modern tenant.


Building Engines’ Tenant Portaltenant retention and satisfaction helps tenants:

  • Send photos and messages to management
  • Request service, even when they aren’t near a phone
  • Book shared building resources
  • Pre-authorize visitors (for secure buildings)
  • Gain quick access to the latest Handbook and Documents


Collect tenant feedback, naturally

Gauging tenant happiness can be a tough job, without asking for regular input and feedback. (No, one end-of-year survey doesn’t cut it!)

With Building Engines’ exclusive “1-click” rating system, tenants are given the opportunity to rate their satisfaction with the service at any point along the work order lifecycle…and beyond! This makes it so property managers can immediately identify and remediate any issues, as well as measure service performance over time.

It has never been easier to see how well a team is performing, and whether tenants are more or less likely to renew.


Avoid the “fear” trap

Work quality transparency is good (even if it looks bad).

Wouldn’t you rather be proactive about tenant issues and spot negative trends, than have to treat them like a fire drill, when the situation has already escalated beyond your control?

So why do some property managers fear the work quality transparency that comes from implementing a new Service Delivery Program, like the one found on the Building Engines platform?

Be honest with yourself: is it a fear of change or a fear of being held accountable?

Property managers and teams would do well to recognize this, and to understand that accountability can be beneficial. You get a more realistic picture of the work being done, defensible data for decisions, individual recognition for solid performance, and better service that leads to much happier tenants.

Don’t ‘wing it,’ just work smarter.


Start working smarter, now!

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