2015 Preventive Maintenance Best Practices for CRE

Building Engines, a provider of comprehensive web and mobile property management software for the commercial real estate industry, has released its latest industry guide, “Preventive Maintenance Best Practices for Commercial Real Estate,” that allows CRE professionals to evaluate the current state of their PM program.

“A Preventive Maintenance Program that overloads your maintenance staff and vendors with unnecessary tasks will result in dismal completion rates – ultimately resulting in backlog of maintenance, equipment failures and unhappy tenants,” said Matt Gillen, Client Service Operations Manager, Building Engines.

The PM Guide explains how to:

• Reduce “PM Debt” – high rates of incomplete PMs
• Address the requirements of a modern PM program
• Refresh three common Equipment Task Lists
• And much more! Did you know?
• Most maintenance departments operate at 10-40 percent efficiency, and nearly 70 percent of equipment failures are self-induced.
• Best-In-Class commercial office organizations have an average completion rate of 75%.
• Organizations with the highest volume of equipment also had the highest completion rates

Click here to access the guide

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