BEI Welcomes New Creative Director, Dan Lynch

The latest addition to the BEI team exemplifies the company’s commitment to growth, user experience and superior product development

Building Engines, a provider of comprehensive web and mobile property management software for the commercial real estate industry, is excited to announce the appointment of Dan Lynch as Creative Director.

Lynch is an experienced, award-winning veteran designer and creative director. He has measurably enhanced and created brands for companies of all sizes, and has helped to nurture over a dozen technology startups to get to first base with customers and investors. Lynch’s primary expertise is the marriage of brand and user experience – creating a comprehensive, unified customer experience, on-screen and off.

Lynch has enhanced brands such as AT&T, T-Mobile, Dow Jones & Company, Wells Fargo Bank, Astra Zeneca, Hewlett-Packard, Oracle, Chevron, ZDTV, Vivox, DailyBreak, Santander, Red Herring, Business 2.0, ESPN, Siemens, Intel, Interop, Ziff-Davis, Softbank, Seybold Seminars, Sun Microsystems, American Film Institute, Sega, Reach Analytics, Syracuse University, and dozens of other companies.

This new addition to the BEI family exemplifies the company’s commitment to continued development and maturity as it aims to top their record growth year in 2013.

About Building Engines

Building Engines supports innovative commercial real estate owners & managers with web & mobile property management software that creates the visibility & control needed for more profitable operations, happier tenants and a uniquely identifiable brand. For more information, visit:


Source:  Building Engines

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