Building Engines Amplifies Maintenance and Inspections Capabilities for Commercial Property Teams

Latest enhancements build on key features from technology acquisitions to improve workflows and deepen actionable insights

BostonBuilding Engines, the leading provider of building operations software for modern commercial real estate (CRE), today announced it has expanded the functionality of its Prism platform with robust enhancements for preventive maintenance, readings and inspections. The updates further improve the solutions’ flexibility and usability while providing deeper, more actionable insights for property teams, engineers and executive leadership.

Property teams are under continued pressure to increase the efficiency of building maintenance and inspections and ensure a safe, optimal working environment for all occupants. This latest round of Prism enhancements homes in on this critical area of building operations, providing greater flexibility for managing maintenance schedules and activities, streamlined workflows, and executive-level insights into operational efficiencies. These key new features leverage some of the best innovations from past Building Engines technology acquisitions, including AwareManager, Ravti, and most recently LogCheck, a mobile-first application that streamlines maintenance tasks, inspections and readings.

“Our Prism platform was purpose-built from the ground up to deliver the most modern, innovative solutions for our customers,” said Jeff Thompson, vice president of product management at Building Engines. “That means going beyond surface-level integrations to develop solutions that are truly better and more feature-rich than anything our clients have used before. With these latest enhancements, we’ve not only integrated some of the best ideas from our past acquisitions, we’ve upgraded them as well, enabling Prism to improve client workflows in new, more efficient ways. It’s this combination of domain expertise and our own technology innovations that makes Prism such a truly powerful option for the built environment.”

A cloud-based platform, Prism serves as a comprehensive, easy-to-use system that unites all the technology and applications used to run buildings in one place. Its broad and deep capabilities are designed to streamline work orders, make maintenance more efficient, and simplify interactions between building tenants, management and staff. Building on this foundation, enhanced maintenance and inspection features include:

  • Comprehensive readings – Easily take readings from any/all equipment, meters and sensors, and add findings to any task or procedure, including creating work orders in reaction to defined exceptions
  • Executive dashboards – Rich, visual dashboards provide simple and powerful reports for top-level leadership, revealing performance metrics that are easy to create, share and understand
  • Maintenance projections summary – Flexible grouping and filtering enable users to easily project maintenance work for comprehensive forecasting and reporting
  • Mobile readings – New mobile reading functionality enables on-site users to quickly move from one reading to the next while utilizing full platform capabilities to better prioritize tasks and glean insights from historical and visual data
  • Multi-building preventive maintenance schedules – New workflows enable quick and easy set-up and management of project management schedules across all assets in all buildings at one time

Added Thompson: “The fact is, there are lots of different ways to handle maintenance and inspections – calendar, rolling, conditional, exception-based, and so on – particularly within large enterprises with complex property environments. With Prism, we’re giving our customers the power and flexibility to support all of these different maintenance requirements, along with the tools to do so more efficiently.”

These enhancements come on the heels of JLL’s strategic acquisition of Building Engines, which will expand Prism’s reach and extend its open platform to create a comprehensive ecosystem of advanced property management applications for real estate investors and operators. Building Engines’ track record of delivering building operations excellence coupled with its innovative approach produces unique value for customers, helping them adapt as the CRE industry—and the world in which it operates—continues to transform.

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