Building Engines Empowers Digital Transformation for CRE Engineers with New Property Management Mobile App

The new app enables CRE engineers to leverage digitized asset data on the go, streamlining service delivery and performance


Building Engines, the leading provider of building operations software for modern commercial real estate (CRE), today announced the launch of its Prism Mobile for Property Management application, a new capability that allows engineering teams to perform all tasks through one app, such as inventory equipment, perform inspections, do preventive maintenance, and much more. This mobile experience empowers chief engineers to manage workloads better and teams to leverage digitized asset data to streamline service delivery and performance—from anywhere they are in the field, across entire portfolios.

The Property Management mobile app is an extension of Building Engines’ Prism platform, the company’s best-of-breed building operations platform designed to deliver an exceptional building experience for all occupants. This is the first in a series of mobile capabilities that will be released to CRE owners and operators to support remote and efficient performance.

As workforces become increasingly distributed, Building Engines is placing an emphasis on tools that enable its users to access information and data no matter where they are. This mobile initiative supports one of the main tenets of smart building operations—providing building communications capabilities delivered to any device along with digitized assets.

“Technology tools need to be accessible to all people across a workflow in order to be valuable. In CRE operations, this is especially true for engineers who aren’t typically in an office or at a desk,” said Tim Curran, CEO of Building Engines. “Engineers are on the front lines when it comes to service delivery and have the biggest direct impact on tenant satisfaction. It’s critical that they have all the relevant information at their fingertips. Automating all functions of CRE building operations is vital to enable users to adhere to SLAs and provide timely information and communication across property teams.”

The Property Management mobile app enables engineers to complete all tasks through one app, no matter how many buildings they manage. The app facilitates:

  • Best in class service and maintenance – engineers have the information they need at their fingertips as assets are digitized through the mobile device, and work is streamlined by enabling the engineer to customize the format and view they prefer. The app also provides accurate accounting of materials by recording this information versus relying on memory of work performed and materials used.
  • Timely communications and precautionary controls – engineering teams are kept informed, productive and safe through built-in controls that notify engineers of changes to their tasks immediately, ensuring service levels are achieved and questions can be quickly routed to the tenant or another team member. Engineering teams gain visibility into prior service performed to save time and ensure no tasks are missed, and are protected when performing sensitive or dangerous steps by checking off and acknowledging they are completed before proceeding.
  • A competitive advantage – administration has become a part of the chief engineer’s job description, managing teams of engineers that are spread out across a portfolio. Chief engineers gain a better line of sight into performance towards service agreements and task completion, and their teams can account for all billable time in an irrefutable way. This also enables chief engineers to make reassignments that notify team members in real time via notifications which is core to providing top service to occupants.

Building Engines continues to deliver solutions to the CRE industry that address some of the most pressing pain points owners and operators experience. Its 20-year track record of delivering building operations excellence coupled with its innovative approach produces unique value for customers, helping them adapt as the CRE industry continues to transform.

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