BuiltIn Boston: These 5 Boston Companies Made Money Moves in October

Boston companies bringing in venture funding ran the gamut this month — from robots to SaaS platforms and data archive software. Check out which startups raised the most money in October, and keep an eye on their next moves.


#5 (tied), $11 million, October 29
Activ Surgical uses computer vision, novel sensors and artificial intelligence to provide crucial visual data and images to doctors during surgery. It raised an $11 million Series A round to launch its first commercial product ActivSight: a software and sensing platform. The company plans to double its headcount in the next year.

#5 (tied), $11 million, October 16
Buying supplies for a company is not as simple as clicking and buying. Fairmarkit reduces the busywork of corporate procurement by using artificial intelligence to find the best vendors, compare bids and generate the necessary documentation. It plans to use this $11 million Series A round to integrate its product into more services and automate more processes. It’s also hiring for its new office in Seaport.

#4, $11.7 million, October 16
Realtime has innovated two products that help robots avoid collisions and recalibrate their paths from moment to moment. By making robots less clumsy, the company is paving the way for their adoption in a wider range of commercial settings. It raised an $11.7 million Series A round to keep growing.

#3, $12 million, October 29
As computing power increases, companies have the option to store all of their historical data from Salesforce — down to each change in every field. However, most still aren’t doing it, and they miss out on valuable insights. GRAX archives historical data without meddling in companies’ access, and it just raised a $12 million Series A round to grow its reach and open three new offices in the U.S. and abroad.

#2, $12.7 million, October 15
Building Engines provides a property management platform that helps building owners and managers improve operations. It acquired AwareManager in 2018 and Real Data Management in May and plans to use its fresh $12.7 million in funding to acquire more companies.

#1, $14.9 million, October 22
Own Up provides an online mortgage marketplace complete with home loan advisors. Its mortgage-comparison product and support services can save customers $20,000 over the life of their loans, according to the company. With this $14.9 million Series A round, OwnUp plans to add engineering, marketing and customer success hires to its 29-person team and expand into new states.

Original article contributed by: BuiltIn Boston

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