Companies Investing More in Social Media Technology

Companies Investing More in Social Media Technology

Social media is becoming increasingly popular among consumers and businesses, making it one of the fastest growing marketing segments. The technology is also useful for other business functions, including connecting remote workforces and collecting feedback. There are a number of new developments in building management software that can make it easier to oversee commercial properties.

A study by Duke University found that businesses are expanding their budgets for social media. Currently, most firms spend approximately 10 percent of their marketing budget on connecting with potential customers through social media. This has allowed them to nurture potential leads more effectively and opened their businesses to wider audiences. Over the next five years, most firms anticipate spending 20 percent of their budget on social media initiatives.

Social media can provide building managers with feedback from tenants, visitors and suppliers in real time. The public forum lets positive interactions be shared to create a more cohesive relationship between maintenance staff and building occupants. Showing some commitment to building a friendlier working relationship with tenants could make it easier to gain access to offices for repairs, cleanings or other work. This makes the building environment more enjoyable for all parties and helps reduce turnover.

Going beyond marketing

Building managers could benefit from some marketing strategies, but this is not the only advantage of social media. The technology can be adapted to make overseeing staff easier. Incentive Magazine reported that social media is a valuable tool for motivating workers. Reward and recognition programs can be administered through the networks, reducing the time needed to set up such frameworks. The public forum allows updates and other messages to be viewed by workers when they have time. When large renovations are completed, the technology can be used to share the news with everyone in the building, kicking off a celebration for the accomplishment.

The source noted that social media networks are an effective tool for gathering information. Whether it is feedback from a client or tracking of various damages, the range of data available from social networks could help identify patterns. Incorporating the information into other metrics allows for more accurate decisions on budgeting expenses. Giving tenants a forum to share their experiences may direct businesses to the issues that are most important to the building’s occupants.

Building Engines software gives building managers the tools needed to effectively oversee their property. It can be incorporated into a variety of systems and linked to social media initiatives to give operators a number of advantages.

Source:  Industry News

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