Dealing with Vacancies Effectively

Building managers constantly need to deal with issues before they affect tenants. Being able to coordinate maintenance and handle problems is an essential part of their success. Good building managers will be able to keep their tenants happy and paying rent, but occasionally, one may move out for.

Whether the move was the result of tenants expanding their operations or failing, managers now have a vacancy they need to deal with. Having the ability to quickly flip empty units can keep revenue up and make ownership groups very happy with the managers and their staff. Unfortunately, there are often a lot of jobs that need to be done before the offices are ready for new businesses. The facilities need to be cleaned and promoted and new legal documents must be drafted. These tasks take time from an already busy schedule.

New technology is giving property managers the tools to oversee all aspects of a turnover. Building Engines software enables managers and their staff to track work and create a checklist of assignments that can ensure all the appropriate steps are taken.  

Cleaning, Renovating Units When tenants move out, building operators have the opportunity to update the units. This may be as simple as a fresh coat of paint, or it may also involve more complex renovations. If subcontractors are brought in, Building Engines gives operators the tools to oversee the work. Its fully mobile platform allows photos and videos to be shared to document the quality of the work being done. The easy-to-use format even allows coordinators to track bids for the assignments, guaranteeing that the most cost-effective bid is selected.

This same technology makes it easier to schedule meetings with potential renters. By keeping track of all work on single platform, managers can easily tell when construction work will be done, which allows them to make the best presentation possible by scheduling meetings at different times.

Even after construction is completed, there are a number of tasks that need to be done prior to a tenant moving into an empty unit. Software programs provide a quick and easy way to share copies of lease agreements and other legal documents. Building managers will find they can quickly turn around vacant buildings by using mobile platforms to manage all of the assignments related to the turnover. Building Engines provides the tools needed to manage all aspects of commercial building operations, including assigning maintenance work, tracking expenses and scheduling meetings with potential tenants.

Source:  Industry News

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