Use Video Effectively in Your Business

Businesses in every field are looking to take advantage of technology to boost their efficiency. With the growth of e-commerce, more organizations are turning to social media to connect with customers and gain an understanding of their audience. However, video may be more effective for creating engaging consumer experiences, and it could also be useful within the building management industry.

Market space available for rent One of the most effective uses of video clips within the commercial real estate sector is to provide interactive marketing materials that help keep units rented. Every building manager struggles to reduce turnover and give prospective tenants sufficient information as quickly as possible. Video is a simple and effective way to give potential clients a virtual tour of empty units, saving time and ensuring quality leads. This visual content can include information about buildings’ locations and various amenities as well as highlighting the features of individual offices.

The concept of using video in marketing practices can be taken a step further with the use of testimonials. Recording a quick interview with existing tenants provides potential clients with a different perspective about the benefits of being located in a certain facility. These clips can be uploaded onto property management companies’ websites to create a more interactive visitor experience.

Train employees Keeping tenants happy requires a strong commitment from the entire organization. Failure to understand the importance of a fast response or maintaining a positive relationship with building occupants could create high levels of turnover. Video makes training workers easier than ever, especially for complex situations. Any scenario in which visuals are needed to convey precise information would be ideal for video. These films could include safety information, lessons on customer service or provide demonstrations on operational procedures.

Document information/compliance There may be times when video can be used to document information. The technology could record damages related to an insurance claim or ensure that safety regulations are being followed. Recording a quick video during inspections provides concrete proof of operators’ commitment to safety. Film is often more reliable than photos in these situations because it can help give better context for scale and location.

The use of video is growing rapidly in the business world as mobile technology makes it easier to capture information digitally. Just about everyone carries a smartphone capable of recording short videos. Cloud-servers also allow these clips to be shared easily to ensure that all of the required parties have the visual proof they need.

Source:  Industry News

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