Propmodo: Creating an End-to-end Tenant Experience

2020 has been a year of massive transformation in the commercial real estate (CRE) industry, with the pandemic accelerating the need for technology adoption in office buildings. To adapt to the evolving needs of today’s tenants, landlords need to find new ways to engage with their communities outside of the office while simultaneously deploying technologies and tools that ensure a safe return to the physical office. Deloitte’s CRE Outlook tells us that 92% of owners plan to maintain or increase their tenant experience-related technology investments over the next year — so how do you ensure that all investments you are making work together seamlessly to provide end-to-end solutions?

Hear from Reid Snyder, HqO’s Director of Platform Solutions, along with Francesca Loftus of hOM, Brandon Cook of Proxy, and Jeff Thompson of Building Engines about:

  • How to navigate a fragmented CRE tech market and easily identify integrated and interoperable technology partners
  • The necessary technology services — such as digital access and security, portfolio optimization, health services and control, building systems, mobility, and retail and amenitization — that are key to a robust tenant experience strategy
  • How to deploy innovative asset strategies and deliver great customer experiences while limiting long-term technical complexity

Original post published by:  Propmodo

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