Survey: Impact of CRE Technology Adoption

Building Engines Announces the Release of it 2013 CRE Technology Trends and Transitions Survey For Property Owners and Managers

The commercial real estate industry may have started slow out of the technology gate, but there is no question that it’s now reached a roaring speed. Building Engines, a provider of comprehensive web and mobile property management software for the commercial real estate industry, has launched a survey aimed at comparing CRE technology adoption, and transitions to new systems and the impact of emerging technology trends among property owners and managers. The survey was sparked by recent CRE studies showing adirect link between technology investment and profitability.

Participants in the CRE Technology Trends and Transitions Survey will receive a complimentary report aggregating responses and identifying best practices in web, mobile, and technology adoption.

The five-minute online surveywill provide comparative analytics to help participants answer and understand:

The biggest commercial real estate tech trendsThe most common apps, systems and software solutions in the spaceThe technology features driving new system adoptionSoftware transition best practices and hurdles

As an extra bonus, participants completing the survey will automatically receive Building Engines’ industry-wide guide to property management platforms, “Eenie Meenie Miney Moe: Which System Is Right For You?”

Take the Survey:

About Building Engines

For owners and managers of commercial real estate who want to stand out, Building Engines’ property management software delivers unparalleled operational control through web and mobile technologies that improve documented service delivery by an average of 70 percent. For more information, visit:



Source:  Building Engines

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