Tenant Service Tips from CRE Professionals

A recent survey revealed how property owners and managers planned to woo tenants in 2014.

Building Engines, a provider of comprehensive web and mobile property management platform for the commercial real estate industry, released the results of a recent Tenant Service Strategies Survey, “21 Ways Your Neighbors Plan to Woo Tenants in 2014.” The tenant service tips included in the report are a summary of responses from commercial real estate professionals from across the industry.

From new websites to communication to showering tenants with goodies, it’s clear the most popular strategies for the New Year combine a mix of the old (face-time) and the new (technology). Responses included:

“I plan on creating a tenants newsletter to foster a tenant community. Keep tenants better informed and allow them to share their services with each other.” “Complete all Work Order tasks within 24 hours or less.” “Web and mobile services for event tickets, dinner reservations and hired cars.”

Click here to find out what else property owner and managers are planning to do in the New Year to keep tenants happy.

Building Engines customers know service is a differentiator – it’s the one thing completely in their control, and when done well, can create a distinct competitive advantage. As a result, our clients have achieved an average 70% improvement in documented service delivery – with no staff increases.

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