Preventive Maintenance

• Efficient management of maintenance schedules and tasks, by Asset Type
• View / maintain equipment list
• Export equipment list to .csv
• Manage equipment details
• View service history on Equipment records
• View/Edit Maintenance Schedules, including maintenance procedures
• Describe parts, tools and PPE required by the task
• Annual, semi-annual, quarterly, and monthly recurrence patterns
• Assign PM tasks to PMO employees or vendors
• Complete PM tasks for a variety of equipment asset types

Prism Mobile App for Engineers – PM

• Native mobile app optimized for engineers
• Users can view, edit and complete PM tasks that are assigned to them
• Mobile users can complete PM tasks assigned to them including viewing maintenance procedure
• PM task history
• Work offline including viewing, editing and completing PM tasks
• Offline work is timestamped when work done/change made with actual times synced when online