Architect Services EAP/FSP Support

  • A New York State Registered Architect will oversee the creation of the plans, provide guidance as needed, and assure the plans are accurate and meet submission guidelines.
  • Before filing, the Architect will review the plans to confirm the building’s adherence to all related NYC Building and Fire Codes.
  • Before submittal, the architect will sign and seal all plans and documents, as required by applicable NYC laws, and will address any FDNY comments or objections related to the submitted plans.
  • Architect fee will be $100.00 per updated floor/level for each new filing of a building. An updated floor will include any floor with layout changes, change in occupancy, or changes to fire safety equipment. The per floor charges will not apply to the review and sign-off of the initial plans prepared by Building Engines upon startup of FS/EAP support.