Commercial Real Estate Technology Trends 2018

Original Research from Building Engines and BOMA International

Commercial real estate professionals are struggling to adapt to the technology change occuring in the industry. Many CRE professionals are overwhelmed with the pace of this change and the rapid increase of new technology solutions each year.

This study, conducted by Building Engines in partnership with the Building Owners and Managers Association (BOMA) International, revealed the attitudes, characteristics, and practices that distinguish technologically effective CRE organizations from their, not so tech savvy, peers.

The report answers questions asked by many CRE leaders, such as:

  • How effectively are CRE professionals using property operations technology?
  • How are highly effective organizations using technology differently than others?
  • What feature gaps exist in current CRE technology solutions?
  • What do industry professionals expect for the future of CRE technology?

Read the report to learn how to gain a competitive advantage by effectively embracing and using CRE technology.

Commercial Real Estate Technology Trends 2018