Impacts of Generational Shifts on the CRE Workplace: Understanding Gaps in Talent and How to Fill Them

The CRE industry is feeling pressure from new generations entering the workforce and older generations beginning to retire. Baby Boomers (60% of the CRE workforce) who are retiring are creating large talent gaps on CRE teams. And new generations are impacting the way we view and manage the workplace – as a talent magnet instead of a people warehouse.  

Is your CRE team equipped with the right skills to tackle these challenges? Do you know what skills will be most critical in the future to successfully manage CRE operations? How can you attract the best talent you need for your team?  

We turned to 260+ CRE professionals to answer these questions. By doing so, we discovered: 

  • Top 7 CRE skills critical for property managers, CRE executives, engineers and tenant coordinators for success in the next 5 years  
  • The top skills that are strongly represented in CRE organizations  
  • How CRE organizations attract the talent they need to fill talent gaps  

Find out if you and your team is ahead of the curve with its skill set or if improvements must be made – interactive checklist included to ensure you’re on the right track!