Don’t be fooled by a Trojan Horse pricing strategy.

Some of our competitors will try and tempt you with a low initial price and add additional fees that aren’t part of their initial estimate. A ‘bait and switch’ hardly seems like the right way to start a long-term relationship.

Capability BEI Other Platform Providers
Full Platform Capabilities Included Additional fees for additional modules.
24x7 Support Included Additional fees for after hours, if available.
Support Access Unlimited Only specific employees can call. More money for more people.
Data Storage Unlimited Limited storage with overage charges.
Users (mobile and web) Unlimited More money for more people.
Hosting Included From property websites to the application itself, additional charges may apply.
Training Included Some will charge you for initial training and again as users change

Simply put, when you compare like-for-like capabilities and price, we may be a little more, but it’s pretty close.

Now wouldn’t you prefer to work with a company that provides the best product and tells you the true price from the start?

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