3 Reasons Your Vendor Proposal Process is Broken – and How to Fix it

There’s no way around it: the traditional vendor bidding process is broken.  

Many property teams spend valuable time building RFPs, chasing down unresponsive vendors, and comparing proposals, only to end up with subpar vendors that charge too much. Other teams avoid the process altogether, going with familiar vendors year after year and accepting their steep annual price increases.  

Does this sound like your team? 

Read our eBook to learn three reasons why your vendor proposal process is broken—and how you can fix it by using an automated bid management platform.  

As we’ll cover, you should be on the lookout for these three telltale signs that your bid management process is broken: 

  1. It’s tedious and labor-intensive 
  2. It’s skewed towards convenience over value
  3. It’s difficult to manage vendor relationships effectively

Download the eBook today to learn an easier way to assess as many vendor options as possible, whether you’re looking for someone to perform a quick fix or a large-scale capital project.

Download the eBook

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