Ep. 02: The fast and furious CRE tech explosion

Looking up at skyscrapers

In this podcast, you will learn

  • The technologies with the most disruption potential over the next 12-36 months
  • Why Pierce would love to see more homegrown solutions from owners and managers
  • What CRE // Tech Intersect does differently than other conferences that has made it a breeding ground for innovation
  • 4 ways to up your CRE tech game
  • And more!

CRE Tech Talks

Technology Discussions for
CRE Professionals
Host Scott Sidman

Hosted by Scott Sidman

  • Vice President, Partner Program, Building Engines
  • Commercial Real Estate Technology Evangelist

Guest: Pierce Neinken

  • Title: Founder
  • Company: CRE // Tech Intersect
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