Webinar: Cover Your Assets: Enter the New World of Commercial Building Inspections

The costs of old-school building inspections can add up quickly: unplanned equipment downtime, liabilities, non-compliance fines, and tenant turnover.

To cover your assets, you and your team need to implement standardized inspections programs that make it easy to detect small problems before they become big headaches.

This is particularly important during COVID-19, when clear records of sanitation checks can help drive building re-occupancy.

Learn how to make your building inspections more effective by tuning in to this on-demand webinar.

During this webinar, our speakers will discuss:

  • Top reasons why many commercial building inspections programs fail
  • How paper logs create more work in the long run, and why it’s time to go digital
  • Tips to make inspections rounds faster and more productive
  • Why engineers are still your greatest inspections investment

Tune in now!

Tune In

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Webinar Speakers

Bobby Beauregard

Implementation Project Manager, Building Engines

Adam Sperber

Implementation Project Manager, Building Engines