On-Demand Webinar: How to Manage Financial Risk with Greater Visibility

With tenants moving in and out and capital projects underway to attract marquee tenants, your portfolio – and the buildings in it – are constantly changing. As exciting as these changes can be, it presents a financial risk to property managers and owners.

Do you manage changes to your buildings with a pen, paper, or Excel documents? Do you spend time and money waiting on an architect to update floor plans? Can you easily get accurate measurements with the correct standards applied when a tenant moves out?

If you answer ‘no’ these questions – you are putting your portfolio at financial risk.

Check out the webinar and learn how to mitigate financial risk by:

  • Ensuring accurate square footage calculations without relying on an architect to speed time to lease
  • Getting the most value from every lease by visualizing up-to-date accounting data
  • Monitoring lease expirations so your team can proactively maintain high occupancy rates

Watch the webinar today to learn how to mitigate financial risk by gaining greater visibility across your portfolio.

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Webinar Speaker

Jonathan Pedican

Solutions Engineer, Building Engines

For over 8 years, Jonathan has played a critical role at RDM in developing their customer service and education team. He leads workshops focused on the various BOMA measurement standards geared to educate property management teams measurement standards. Jonathan is also a key player in RDMs effort to expand and grow their customer base.