32BJ Training Fund Students "Ditch the Books" for Online SoftwareIn an effort to educate members on the technology trends shaping the future of property management and building service workers, SEIU 32BJ Training Fund has announced the addition of a “Running a Building with a Computer” class as part of its 2012-2013 course catalog. The class, offered six times per year and co-taught by a subject matter expert and computer expert, allows students to dive into the day-to-day use of Building Engines – a comprehensive web-based real estate building operations software platform. Throughout the course, students will explore the platform’s online and mobile tools for managing key areas of operations, including tenant service, maintenance, risk and life safety and communications.

In addition to hands-on practice with the property management system, the 11 week class will incorporate a mix of software platforms and additional units on 2-way radio usage, basic computer skills, and using technology to interact with tenants online and in real-time.

In today’s highly technical building operations industry, web-based applications are as important and reliable as a wrench.

-James Barry, Local 32BJ Training Fund.

“It’s extremely helpful for our participants to have hands-on experience with software tools such as Building Engines that are changing how property managers and service workers connect with their customers, manage their online reputation and improve day-to-day operations,” said James Barry, Manager of Program Development at the Local 32BJ Training Fund.

“We are honored to be able to offer the Building Engines platform for use by 32BJ classes,“ said Kyle Maikath, VP of Client Services at Building Engines. “The students will re-enter their workplaces armed with tremendous knowledge that will further their careers and keep them relevant long into the future.  They will know how to to maximize the power of technology to improve operations and service delivery in the properties they work in. We are proud to be a part of that.”

The Local 32BJ Training Fund offers building management classes to over 6,000 members per year in NY, NJ, CT, MD, VA, DC and Florida. Additional classes include heating, air-conditioning, electricity, tenant management, and ESL. The Local 32BJ has also received grant money for a special 2-year green buildings program to train 1,000 supervisors and have them develop a plan for making their buildings more environmentally friendly.