Every day, we rely on mobile devices. As you work hard to keep your tenants happy, that same convenience you’re used to from the smartphone in your pocket can help to delight the occupants in your buildings.

It also allows owners to increase revenues from properties offering optimal levels of convenience and high-quality service.

Here are six reasons to use mobile to create a better tenant experience:

  1. Mobile helps your tenants retain their employees.Our properties have become a way for our tenants to retain their talent and satisfy their workforce.

    In today’s competitive recruiting environment, building management is now a partner to the tenants in their buildings to help them attract and retain employees and build their businesses by way of the amenities provided.

    Mobile technology, and the convenience, efficiencies, and benefits it brings, is an attractive offer for the prospective employees of your tenants.

  2. Maintenance works faster – and smarter – with mobile.The world of maintenance can either be a black box cost center, or a competitive advantage.

    With a mobile CRE solution, maintenance teams can be connected to the information they need, on the go, from equipment manuals and floor plans to schematics and instructional videos for scheduled maintenance.

    A mobile-equipped maintenance engineer can also play a key role in tenant satisfaction by easily communicating directly with tenants on service request progress in real time. These engineers are also able to improve their productivity, by receiving new work orders with automatically updated priority ordering and required response times, available anywhere, anytime.

  3. Mobile collects the information that mattersWhen the whole team is equipped with mobile, not only are they more productive day-to-day, but building owners and managers gain a previously unavailable line of sight into overall building operations.

    The data collected from mobile devices includes continual tenant satisfaction sentiment indexing  through mobile feedback, and response and completion time from engineers.

    This insight gives building owners the ability to report on real-time tenant sentiment, service performance metrics, and a solid understanding of which people and  buildings are performing – and why.

  4. Incidents are handled quickly, and confidently on mobile.With the right mobile technology, security team members and building staff who are the first to respond to an incident can collect the right information and communicate with the appropriate emergency contacts instantly.

    Then, based on integrated workflow rules, appropriate asset managers, insurance companies, or risk management contacts are notified based on the incident type to ensure the right people are in the loop. They can also enhance incident reports using photos to capture critical details in the moment.

    Doing so reduces a property’s exposure to financial loss based on inadequate processes and information retention, increase the preparedness of their staff, safeguard occupants and staff, and potentially reduce the expense associated with insuring their portfolios against liability.

  5. Communication with tenants is greatly improved.The expectation of today’s tenants is that they should be able to use their mobile device to engage with their management team the same way they use their phone to call an Uber. When they need to request service, they should be able to do so from anywhere.

    Mobile allows for in-the-moment communication, wherever you are, enabling you to distribute important information at your convenience. Whatever’s going on in your building, inform every tenant with pre-defined messaging groups. Segment your community effectively and instantly reach who matters.

    Your tenants want to be kept up-to-date and well informed. They want to hear from you on the channels they prefer to use to communicate – email, SMS, and online. With mobile, you’re equipped to send emergency information, or everyday building activity updates, from the device in your pocket.

  6. Fully prepare for every tenant meeting with mobile.Tenant meetings generally go better when you’re fully informed. Unfortunately, the information needed is usually scattered in multiple locations and formats among different members of the building team, and is difficult to gather.

    When information lives in a single place, gathered from all corners of a property and its team, it’s easy to look up the right information to prepare for tenant meetings. Be better informed with on-the-go access to:


    • Tenant Contact Info (and Profile Photos)
    • Tenant Satisfaction Levels
    • Work Order Details
    • Certificates of Insurance
    • Lease information and related documents
    • Notes, Photos and Videos

Prepare for tenant meetings in minutes from now on.

As you consider what tools you need to keep tenants happy, and keep owners informed, consider mobile CRE technology. Take advantage of the major gains in efficiency mobile CRE technology provides to improve the most critical aspect of your job – the satisfaction and loyalty of your tenants.


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