Although COVID-19 has radically altered every aspect of our lives, one of the biggest changes has been to the way we work. Building operations need to evolve rapidly to support tenants and their employees while reopening. Operators will need to ensure they are running a safe and healthy building, according to state guidelines and the wishes of tenants.

So, how can they best do this? One critical way is to implement building operations software that can help office buildings not only survive the pandemic—but thrive afterward.

That’s why Building Engines is excited to announce today we’re making available, at no cost, our software that is pre-configured for COVID-19-related building reopening efforts. Designed to support CRE operators in their efforts to safely reopen commercial office, retail and industrial spaces, the core capabilities offered in our software center on the goal of satisfying new requirements and tenant demands associated with COVID-19 and assisting with heightened and changing needs many will face in reopening efforts.

Our existing customers rely on Building Engines’ for a whole host of their building operation needs, but for those that don’t yet have a system in place this new offering gives quick access to necessary tools and sets the foundation for tech adoption.

Our new offering is designed to support the core aspects of a building operator’s job at this crucial moment and is comprised of these simplified and pre-configured modules:

  • Work orders: Provides a fixed set of issue types, all related to potential COVID-19 demands. It’s crucial to receive work orders in a timely manner, address them efficiently and keep good records as buildings reopen, especially as some orders may stem from emergency or sensitive situations. This module enables operators to be confident that critical work related to COVID-19 is being completed effectively.
  • Building communications: All messages will be labeled as COVID-19 related. Not only do owners and operators need to continue to communicate regularly to occupants, but now, communication protocols specific to emergencies and relaying new guidelines and safety measures are also a must. It’s important for these communications to be a seamless process, getting to the right people, in a timely manner.
  • Inspections (Coming in July!): Will provide templates related to COVID-19 and cleaning demands. Inspections will help ensure that people are wearing masks, that hand sanitizing stations are full, high touch surfaces are regularly cleaned and that buildings and individual office spaces are configured to enable people to maintain a six-foot distance from each other—all new but essential tasks that require inspection.

We see this as a real opportunity for building operations teams to embrace technology and leverage it to make their jobs easier while making their properties safer and meet the demands of the new normal of work. It’s more important than ever for CRE operators to have processes and systems in place to ensure that they are equipped to open and operate a safe and healthy building. Our goal is to play our part in helping reopening take place quickly, safely and efficiently.

Facing the challenge of reopening our buildings, our workspaces and our economy, we all need to do our part to ensure the transition moves forward smoothly. We’re proud that our Building Engines platform can be a valuable tool in owners’ and operators’ arsenal.

This version of our software will be offered at no cost through the end of 2020.

If you’re interested in learning more, please click here.