A quick scan of the commercial real estate publications and CRETech news sources from the past week show a clear focus on pending IPO’s (hello, We Co.,), co-everything, unicorns (VTS), consolidations and the impressive new fund raised by Building Engines investor, Camber Creek.

Occasionally lost in the CRETech news hype cycle, is the great work done and real value delivered by some of the solution providers who have established product-market fit and have a verifiable track record of performance and service. Companies like Genea.

I had the pleasure of hosting a webinar with Genea’s VP Marketing, Emily Hossellman last week. As a member of the Building Engines Partner Program, we asked Emily and Genea to share what they do with our customers.  There was a tremendous response to the webinar in terms of registration and attendance, particularly given the late summer timing. – My sense is that this is because Genea’s solution set and value propositions are clearly defined, allowing potential customers to understand what they do immediately. The webinar offered an opportunity to get into the details.

In identifying potential partners, we established a set of criteria we used to evaluate fit and likelihood of success.  These included having a complementary product offering, some mutual existing customers and similar product end-users as well as a customer service-first approach.

Additionally, it’s important that our partners’ products and services also contributed to improving tenant satisfaction, operational efficiency and managing operational risk.  Emily demonstrated how Genea delivers on each of these in detail in her Webinar.

  • Simplifying the process of ordering overtime HVAC creates a better customer (tenant) experience.
  • Direct connections to building automation systems to turn air on and off creates operational efficiency.
  • Accurately capturing, calculating and reporting on tenant submeter billing helps manage risk.

If you missed the live webinar, you can still watch the recorded presentation here to learn about these and other benefits as well as real case studies in more detail.

I explained in the webinar that the current objectives of our partner program are to simply introduce vetted, best-in-class providers and solutions to our customers and provide an easier path to engaging with them. – Additionally, we’re having conversations with customers to help identify integration paths that make sense and as well the possibilities available with combining the products.  Read more about our new platform, Prismfor some more insight into how our partner program will feed into the “API-first” tenet of the platform.

We will present more webinars in the coming months with other provider partners but couldn’t have asked for a better start and presentation from Emily and Genea.

You can learn more about Genea here.