Building Engines announced the successful release of its next generation mobile app, BE-Mobile. The app, which is an extension of Building Engines’ Property & Tenant Management Platform, leverages new and powerful mobile technology to manage key operational tasks, including work orders, preventive maintenance, incidents and inspections. This week marked the 1,000th download of BE-Mobile, a milestone that represents a 200% increase over projections for the soft launch period.

The enhanced Building Engines Mobile Platform allows property managers to:

  1. Work with a modern, fully functional onboard app and database – even while offline,
  2. Use any Internet empowered device, including iPhone, Android, Blackberry and tablets,
  3. Leverage onboard mobile functions like photo capture, attaching them to work orders and tasks,
  4. Attach any media to work orders and equipment (PDFs, Word Docs, Excel, photos, videos, etc.),
  5. Immediately access important documentation to support task-related activities,
  6. Prioritize and escalate work while offline, and
  7. Automatically update information entered offline when access to cellular, wireless or a wired environment returns.

BE-Mobile, available for download in the iTunes, Google and Blackberry App stores, provides mobile managers with all the information they need at their fingertips, all the time.

“Using BE-Mobile has enabled our staff to acknowledge receipt of a work order in real time and address a tenant’s service request immediately. With the touch of a few keys, our building engineer, mechanic, porter, etc. can open and complete a work order without the need for any paper and without any cumbersome administration,” reviewed Rick Hager of SJP Properties in the GooglePlay store. “We truly believe we have an excellent tools that not only improves our efficiency, but allows the tenant to see how productive we are!”

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