Completing work on the go from a phone or tablet should improve your productivity and tenant service delivery – not waste time waiting for screens to load, dragging and resizing, and pushing buttons too small for fingers.

Find out how a true Mobile building operations software app could save your team hours each day:

Mobile Apps vs Mobile Websites for Property Management (CRE)

So if you’re realizing that your current property management software provider isn’t measuring up, it’s time to make a switch and REALLY go mobile.

The Top 3 Reasons Building Engines is the Only Property and Tenant Management Software to truly put building operations in the palm of your hand with the BE-Mobile App:

1. Mobile Inspections

  • Building Engines was the first property management system to develop a stand-alone inspections tool and is the unquestionable industry leader in digital and mobile inspections.
  • Our inspections are fully integrated with work order and PM. This means you can do really cool things like auto-create tasks upon inspection failures.
  • Our inspections are dynamic. Use space management technology to dynamically generate inspections based on occupancy, building, or equipment type.

2. Online. Offline. All Devices.

  • Work with a modern, fully functional onboard App and database – available on all devices and operating systems.
  • Access equipment manuals, maintenance history and instructional videos from basements and other areas of unreliable service.
  • “True Sync” technology seamlessly syncs data with the web-based platform, retaining 100% accurate time stamping on the record.

3. Mobile Tenant Center

  • Property managers, employees and tenants can personalize their profiles, and their experience, with photos
  • Property managers can access tenant and employee information (including photos!) from their Mobile Contact Manager – enhancing their ability to build relationships and better prepare for on-the-go meetings with tenants.
  • Easily email and communicate with tenants from any mobile device

Building Engines CRE Property Management Platform