On average, a commercial building HVAC system can account for 20% of overall operating and energy costs – and 50% of total energy usage for a commercial real estate (CRE) property. You might be spending more on monthly HVAC costs than you know. Energy efficiency in commercial office buildings can significantly impact your ROI and bottom line. A sustainable building design with an optimized and efficient HVAC system can save you money in more ways than one. 

Do you know how to incorporate more sustainable practices in your commercial office space? Implementing an intelligent HVAC management solution in your commercial building is needed more so now than ever before.

Tenants Continue to Demand Sustainable Office Space 

Strict new government standards and tenant demands continue to roll out. As many as 70% of U.S. office buildings are facing an alarming rate of office obsolescence. COVID has certainly played a role in accelerating the pace of office vacancies as employees demand healthier and safer workplaces in order to return.  

Evolving environmental and health standards are to blame as well. It’s clear tenants are on the hunt for a healthy, safe, and sustainable office space. CRE leaders now know they need to look inward while tenants search for office buildings that will give them the best solution to their green strategies. 

An Unsustainable HVAC System Could be Costing You

Over recent years, commercial real estate professionals have seen surprising numbers in building sustainability data. There has been a 40% increase in the demand for sustainability among tenants. And an even higher increase, 47%, among CRE investors. Sustainability in the office has become a necessity. 

Energy efficiency in commercial office buildings can make or break your ROI. A sustainable building design can increase tenants’ rents by 10% or more. Higher-quality tenants and higher rents can help you meet your bottom-line goals. In fact, 63% of leading investors strongly agree that greener initiatives can account for:  

  • higher occupancy;  
  • tenant retention; and  
  • building value. 

Tenants are looking for increased comfort—whether that is improving employee health or fewer temperature complaints. If COVID has taught us anything in business, it has shown that corporate work can be done from home. Prove to your tenants why it is worth it for them to come back into the office. 

Technology is Your Solution for Energy Efficiency in Commercial Office Buildings 

So, what can you do as the owner of an office building? Is there still time to adjust? Yes, there is. The right tech solution can lead to higher rents, better tenant retention, lower service call volumes, and increased tenant comfort. Using tech for energy efficiency in commercial office buildings has the potential to increase your bottom line by 10%. 

An AI-powered system built specifically for HVAC energy efficiency in commercial office buildings provides a solution right at your fingertips. Such software offers your building the capability to reduce energy consumption all while exceeding indoor air quality standards. 

Interested in learning how to establish a more sustainable building design? Download our free infographic, The ROI of HVAC and Energy Management in Commerical Office Buildings. 

Don’t wait until it’s too late. Set your office up for the future.