We’ve all heard of online profiles for dating, businesses and even pets. But an online profile for a building? With social networking expanding so rapidly, is it that far fetched? Riggs Kubiak, Cody Roberts, and Garrett Kubiak don’t think so. These three young guns have developed Honest Buildings, a software platform dedicated strictly to real estate networking and simpler property management. The new site already features profiles for over 700,000 buildings across the U.S., complete with pictures, reviews, ratings, square footage, projects completed, as well as the people connected to the building. So how exactly does this network help those in the commercial real estate industry? Making that special connection.

By creating profiles for their buildings and organizations, property managers, owners, developers and investors are able to connect with others in four major ways:

1. Connecting to other owners and managers in the area. Why not rub shoulders with your neighbors? If you own several buildings in a particular area, it is good to know who else owns and operates in the area and what projects they’re interested in. Take for example an initiative to improve the energy efficiency in your area. A profile on Honest Buildings helps you to see any completed projects or efficiency certifications your neighbors (or competition!) have, or who else in your area needs to make the change.

2. Connecting to service providers. Maintenance, inspections, operations, facility management, etc. are all top priorities for your building. Honest Buildings displays the service providers in your area based upon their work portfolio and ratings online. Since you can view their work history and reviews in the same place,  you save time and energy when looking for the best in the business by comparing the top rated providers. we’re all about completing projects more efficiently and on time and Honest Buildings provides easy access to resources. Sold (don’t worry – it’s free!).

3. Attracting new tenants to your building. Creating a complete profile for your building gives prospective tenants the information they would need to make a decision. Unlike other social media sites, you can display your pictures, logistics, ratings, reviews, and projects all  in one place. Everyone appreciates not having to dig for information to make an informed decision.

4.Communicating with existing tenants. I feel the need, the need for feedback. With a safe place to write reviews and rate your building, tenants can express any good or bad experience they have had with your building. Maybe not always pretty, but this feedback helps you make sure that you are keeping your tenants happy and allows you to address any issues in the open. It may alert you when you need to make changes. Customer service is one of the main focuses of any successful business – let your tenants to be heard.

It’s not the first social network for real estate, but it’s the first that feels truly usable and sticky. See for yourself – check out our page!

Commercial Real Estate Social Media Strategies

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