While the economy is beginning to show signs of renewed life, owners are still searching for every possible opportunity to maximize the value of their properties. A growing number of owners recognize the potential in property and tenant management tools. Rather than view these tools only of concern to property managers, savvy owners recognize that operations management platforms can help them boost the value of their assets.

The top owners and managers have or are in the process of instituting systems to have information available at their fingertips.

-Tim Donohoe, Senior Real Estate Investment Advisor, formerly of Morgan Stanley Smith Barney and Citigroup

A number of trends are driving owners to gladly assume the cost of these tools as the expense is negligible yet the purchase pays for itself over and over again.

With advanced property management technology that provides unprecedented visibility into building operations, building owners gain real-time insight into which property teams are most effective. Plus, with software that operates more like customer relationship management (CRM) systems, they get more visibility into tenant satisfaction and potential causes of attrition – empowering them to be more agile, flexible and responsive than ever before.

A new whitepaper, “How Savvy Property Owners are Maximizing Net Operating Income”, outlines the services, efficiencies and tactics that today’s technology offers to extract maximum value from a building. Learn how to gain deep insight into operations with advanced property management technology – and translate it into cost savings and new revenues.

How to manage your building NOI.