It’s Thanksgiving week here in the US – and that means it’s time to celebrate food, family, and most importantly, football.

This is, of course, also a time for reflecting on the things that we’re thankful for. To help you get into the right kind of Thanksgiving spirit, we’ve compiled a few ways to be the kind of Commercial Real Estate property your tenants are thankful to work in.


1. Show them you’re listening

Today’s tenants want to let you know how they feel – and if you’re serious about tenant satisfaction, you definitely want to know the good, the bad, and even the ugly.

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This means having a formal tenant feedback system and proactive surveying in place, to know how happy tenants are at any given moment. In addition, be sure to respond to any complaints and show each tenant the progress on every work order they’ve submitted. Demonstrate you’re listening, and you’re ready to solve any problem that may arise.


2. Make tenant resources easy to find

Give your tenants on-demand, web and mobile access to property information, documents, and services. An online tenant resource center is an easy way to ensure each tenant has access to everything they need, including:

– Service requests
– Resource scheduling
– Visitor pre-authorization
– Tenant handbook
– Building documents

Extend your service and communications programs, and meet your tech-savvy tenants where they prefer to interact.


3. Prove your good work

Tenant service is the lifeblood of any property, but the most thankful tenants know they’re treated like VIPs. Move beyond the basics (like work order management) by connecting service delivery data and tenant satisfaction results data with completion reporting.

In other words, prove you’re doing exactly what you promised to do.

When it comes time to renew a tenant lease, remind tenants of the strength of your property management program by proving your performance over the lifespan of their occupancy. They’ll be thankful they made the right decision, and have no second thoughts about renewing.

In our recent CRE industry benchmarking research, we found that 96% of commercial office properties offer a service request portal to tenants.This type of capability is table stakes in today’s marketplace, but what sets best-in-class assets apart is tracking that performance against tenant service level agreements.

Leaders are more likely to do so compared to laggards – read more in the full Executive Resource Center.

4. Keep their space secure

Reduce risk and keep your tenants feeling safe and protected with strong building security. One strategy for success is a strong visitor access control process. Some of the most prestigious addresses across the country use systems like this to give occupants and security teams a simple and effective way to pre-authorize visitors for entry into your buildings.

Automate the entire process of pre-registering a visitor, checking them in, printing a badge, and capturing detailed information in seconds. Your tenants will be thankful that you can manage visitor access professionally and securely in a cost-effective manner.


5. Go mobile, already

When you get prepared to meet with a tenant, they expect you to be completely informed upon arrival. You need to know of major operational issues and key tenant information like contacts, COI status, work order details, tenant satisfaction ratings, and more. If this information is locked away in a file cabinet somewhere, you’re wasting a lot of time hunting it down.

It’s time to go mobile, putting this information in the palm of your hand and onto that device you’re going to use to take photos of a massive turkey in a few days. Improve the effectiveness and quality of each meeting – the kind of interaction your tenants will be thankful for – by moving to a mobile solution for CRE Property Managers and Maintenance professionals.



Do you meet their expectations?

At the end of the day, tenants have a lot of options in today’s market, and that means it’s not enough to have a prime location. To be an asset they’re truly thankful to occupy, you’ve got to rise to the occasion.

Now, someone pass the cranberry sauce…

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