Increase Tenant Service and Satisfaction with Building EnginesWorkflows are the easiest change property owners and managers can implement in a relatively short time frame to bring about a tangible improvement in their team’s efficiency and tenant service delivery.

But property management teams rarely review these processes for improvement!

Supercharge your workflow process (and service) with two simple tools:

1. Service Request Workflow Whitepaper

Learn how selecting the optimal service request workflow for your organization can dramatically improve the quality of the service you deliver, help you and your team operate more efficiently, and serve as the foundation of a service delivery program that retains and attract tenants. The whitepaper includes:

  • Five most common workflow options
  • Checklist for identifying workflow problem areas
  • Sample service request response flow

2. Workflow Selection Worksheet

Detailed evaluation tool comparing 6 major service request workflow types, and a Worksheet for selecting the right one for your organization.


And if you’d like to find out how Building Engines can automate your service request process, click here to set up a time to chat.

You’ll learn about our Tools for Improving Service Delivery:
  • BE-Mobile App: Work on the go from any mobile device or tablet 
  • Service Delivery Program: Build your own program, complete with detailed responsiveness goals and automatic alerts for missed targets 
  • Simple Tenant Communications: Monitor tenant satisfaction and send important messages from any mobile device, as well as post communications instantly to your property website.