LEED certification can be an extremely beneficial tool for a company.  While it can be a hassle to implement, especially in existing buildings, the benefits are plentiful and far-reaching.  Our newest on-demand webinar, LEED EBOM: 101: Essential Tips for the Greening of Existing Buildings, discusses how management should go about gaining LEED certification, and showcases the many positive effects LEED certification has on a building.

David Pratt, CEO of LoraxPro and LEED expert, hosts the webinar.  He co-founded LoraxPro in 2008 and has developed product supporting the majority of LEED rating systems.  Lorax is the leading LEED consulting firm in the mid-Atlantic region, and was the catalyst in initiating LEED automation with the USGBC’s technology team.  David has served on the Maryland Green Building Council since its inception, and frequently speaks to audiences about green building technology.

The webinar will provide you with valuable information on how to use LEED certification to lower operating costs, implement a rigorous structure for operations and maintenance, and gain and retain tenants.  You will learn:

  • The keys to successful LEED EBOM implementation
  • How to use LEED to keep tenants in your building
  • How to overcome resource constraints when managing a LEED EBOM project

These and other topics are thoroughly covered, and by the end of the webinar, you will assuredly be ready to formulate a plan to certify your buildings. Watch the on-demand webinar today!