Safely, efficiently, and profitably managing the facility operations of a medical office building is a challenge. As the service expectations of medical office tenants continue to evolve, property and facility managers must be prepared to evolve as well. In a complex, technology-driven medical service model, it’s increasingly important for companies to differentiate themselves.

Providing MOB tenants with better communication, service delivery, and risk management can not only set buildings apart from their competition when vying for new clients, but also help retain valuable tenants. In order to accomplish this, facilities and property operations professionals need to employ web and mobile building operations software.

Specifically, property management software can help:

Improve Tenant Relations

  • Better overall communication – quick receipt of service requests mean faster dispatch and response times, leading to better outcomes in the tenant relationship.
  • Faster responses and prioritization – tenants are able to view and update their service requests in real time, and property managers are able to establish concrete workflows that define high priority issues.
  • Relationship development – Property managers develop key relationships with tenant contacts. As healthcare opportunities expand across the country and the supply of medical office space increases, property operations teams offering distinctly exceptional service will benefit.

Identify Process Improvement Opportunities

  • Identify patterns for specific service request types based on escalations, issue type service level, and performance trends.
  • Identify patterns and trends for engineer/technician performance to be used for personnel management and team growth projections (knowing when/how many technicians or engineers to hire can save money in the long term through productivity gains at the right time).
  • Identify process pinch-points to reduce inefficiencies.

Better Manage Risk and Liability

  • Track incidents in real time and increase organizational transparency.
  • Document vendor COIs and automate renewal process to ensure compliance.

Manage Assets More Efficiently

  • Replace complex, inaccurate paper-based systems with a mobile application to track preventive maintenance, property inspections, and more in a single, central system.

By standardizing, automating and mobilizing operations through property management software, MOB property owners and managers get real-time visibility and the control needed to improve key areas of daily activity and ultimately, net operating income.