Operations Performance Management

Presenters: Scott West, Director of Enterprise SalesSean Egan, Client Relations Specialist Jim Gray, VP of Product

If you are using a traditional work order software system (or no system at all), you aren’t positioning yourself to perform at the level your tenants expect and demand. Watch now to see how Building Engines has moved beyond traditional work order software systems to the next generation of software that enables you to perform, not just work.

In this webinar, you will learn how to:

  • Assure your teams are positioned to deliver the service you promise
  • Quantify and prove service delivery excellence
  • Assist in the effort to attract and retain tenants
  • Proactively manage your vendors and their performance in your building
Operations Performance Maintenance Webinar

What is Operations Performance Management?

The programmatic alignment of people and activities to ensure that they are working cohesively to achieve specified business objectives.

If you are serious about tenant service, you won’t want to miss this!