Today, the workplace has shifted its focus to competing on tenant experience. Commercial real estate (CRE) landlords need to give office tenants a reason to commute again. Your property must provide a better experience to woo workers away from the comforts of home. That’s where office building amenities can help. 

The top office building amenities that can help CRE landlords win back the commute, based on data, include:

  • Relaxation spaces
  • Healthy food and beverage services
  • Outdoor spaces
  • Workplace services
  • Entertainment options
  • Mobility offerings to streamline the commute
  • Top-notch building security
  • Accessible properties
  • Sustainability initiatives
  • Wellness amenities

Win Back the Commute with Building Amenities

In this blog, we’ll cover what the data shows for each of the building amenities and what you can do to capitalize on current trends.

1. Relaxation Spaces 

What the data shows: 45% of people say having a space to decompress is important for restoring their wellbeing and maintaining performance. 

What you can do: Rethink your building’s layout and show tenants the selling points of your rentable space. Consider incorporating quiet areas that are tucked away from main traffic or seats in an outdoor location. 

2. Healthy Food and Beverage Services 

What the data shows: 44% of workers say that healthy food services are an important office amenity. 

What you can do: Show your tenants you care about their employee’s experience. You can nourish tenants with app-based order-ahead options for food and beverage, simple pay solutions, detailed neighborhood restaurant guides, and easy food delivery. All of this can be done through an easy-to-use app. 

3. Outdoor Spaces 

What the data shows: Nature and outdoor spaces relieve stress, boost wellbeing, bring happiness, and can build job satisfaction in the workplace. It’s why 41% of workers have put outdoor spaces as their top expectation for the workplace. 

What you can do: Think about your offerings from the inside out. Are there ways you can maximize your outdoor space to create a relaxing environment your tenants can retreat to? 

How to Improve Tenant Experience

How to Improve Tenant Experience

Did you know 92% of CRE landlords recognize that tenants want more from their buildings? That’s a huge opportunity for landlords to create a positive tenant experience.

4. Workplace Services 

What the data shows: 52% of tenants say they would use special perks if offered to them. 

What you can do: Offer on-demand access to services in the building such as dry cleaning, parking, electric vehicle charging, mailboxes, and end-of-journey facilities that support tenants who cycle, jog, or walk to work. 

(Quick tip: When you offer ways for tenants’ employees to book these types of services through a tenant experience app, you can collect important data that gives you insight into the office building amenities your tenants really care about. That means no more guessing the ROI on amenities.) 

5. Entertainment 

What the data shows: 82% of property teams are planning to host on-site events to increase tenant engagement at their buildings. 

What you can do: Keep engagement up with centralized content and booking of fresh entertainment options including classes, events, sports tickets, tasting events, and other on-site programs. 

6. Mobility 

What the data shows: The average U.S. commuter spends between $2,000 and $5,000 per year on their commute. 

What you can do: The biggest hurdle to overcome is convincing tenants and their employees that the commute to your building is worth it! You need to make your building a place tenants want to be. You can help eliminate commute frustrations with shuttle service updates, shuttle tracking integrations, and bike rentals. Address commuter pain points with an app that connects them to their preferred public transportation, micro-mobility, shuttle, and parking solutions. 

7. Security 

What the data shows: Building security is a top concern – from property owners and tenants alike. Technology is essential to a secure building. In fact, 80% of CRE property owners believe tenants should have access to a comprehensive tenant experience app for their building. 

What you can do: Offer tenants peace of mind by putting secure access control, visitor management, incident communications, and updated building news directly in their hands with a mobile, tenant experience app. 

3 Ways to Make Your Office the Place Tenants Want to Be

3 Ways to Make Your Office the Place Tenants Want to Be

Download this free checklist to learn how CRE landlords can win back the commute by making their office buildings the place tenants want to be!

8. Accessibility 

What the data shows: Companies that champion accessibility see 28% greater annual revenue. 

What you can do: Meet accessibility needs with on-demand information about ramps, elevators, and service access for each property. 

9. Sustainability 

What the data shows: 40% of real estate professionals are seeing an increase in demand for sustainability among tenants. 

What you can do: Make sure your buildings are energy efficient with LEED/WELL certification and support sustainability initiatives your tenants care about. (Hint: It can save you money.) 

10. Wellness 

What the data shows: 27% of CRE owners and operators say the most important amenity to their property is on-site fitness or activity centers. 

What you can do: Keep tenants productive and healthy with wellness solutions such as fitness and mindfulness classes, facility details, and neighborhood fitness discounts and memberships. A tenant experience app can make it easy for your tenants to access gym waivers, hours, and schedules, or obtain discounted health perks. 

20 Stats Why Tenant Experience Tech is Top Priority for CRE Now

20 Stats Why Tenant Experience Tech is Top Priority for CRE Now

One thing’s for sure: The workplace has changed forever. Today, the focus has shifted to competing on the CRE tenant experience. Here's the data to prove it.

Focus On Office Building Amenities to Win Back the Commute 

Tech is your competitive differentiator. It can help you win back the commute. Implement tech tools that integrate best-in-class solutions for tenant experience and building operations to empower you to engage with your tenants and meet their needs. 

Every event registration, booked resource, and tenant survey sheds light on what your tenants love — and what they don’t. Use this real-time data to remain proactive about your programs and office building amenities that drive NOI with the broadest, deepest features for commercial property teams. Reach out to one of our experts to learn more!